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Non-clausal Connection-Based Theorem Proving

  What is leanCoP?  
What is nanoCoP?

nanoCoP is a compact non-clausal automated theorem prover for classical first-order logic. It is based on the non-clausal connection calculus for classical logic. More details about the calculus can be found in the documentation.

Features of nanoCoP

  • Theorem prover for classical first-order logic with equality.
  • Based on the non-clausal connection calculus.
  • Proof search on the original formula structure.
  • Implemented in Prolog.
  • Sound and complete.
  • Decision procedure for propositional logic.
  • Strong performance.
  • Simple first-order form input format (leanCoP or TPTP).
  • Output of readable non-clausal connection proof (v2.0).
  • Available under the GNU general public license.

nanoCoP 2.0

nanoCoP 2.0 contains several enhancements and optimizations of the basic non-clausal connection calculus, such as improved restricted backtracking and a strategy scheduling. nanoCoP 2.0 can output a detailed non-clausal connection proof in different formats, for example in a Prolog syntax or in a readable format.

nanoCoP 2.0 runs on ECLiPSe Prolog (5.x) and on SWI-Prolog. It should run on most other Prolog systems as well. The ReadMe file contains more information on installing and running nanoCoP.

nanoCoP 1.0

nanoCoP 1.0 implements the basic non-clausal connection calculus and a few optimizations. It runs on the open source Prolog system ECLiPSe. The following package includes a ReadMe file containing more information.

Jens Otten · Institutt for informatikk · University of Oslo · 01.05.2021